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VMC machine shop facility that is equipped with precision machining, milling and turning equipment which ably supports all involved in-process demands. With presence of VMC facilities, we are able to bring better optimization in productivity as well as match up with the exact specifications deatiled by the clients. Mostly the VMC machines have three axis (X axis, Y axis, Z axis), that helps in providing greater accuracy with better control over involved procedures, Our VMC Machine Shop also facilitates with Wire cut Machine which provide 100% Accurate cut as compare to normal laser cuttings of bold sheets and steel blocks.

VMC Machine Shop

Our team of experienced specialists efficiently handle the CNC Machining and casting processes and knows all the important aspects that are required to be kept in mind while working on casting components. They take due advantage of available machine tools including fastest and most versatile machines and ensure latest technology is employed to minimize production costs as well as enhance product quality.

Wire Cut Machine Shop

It is becoming a communal method of making prototype as well as production parts, mold-making, tool, and die industries in which production conceptions are relatively low. Wire Cutting Job Work enables desired shape in all conditions.

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